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Level Up - 12 Day Fractal Meditation Manifestation Challenge


There is a science to manifesting with light which surpasses all of the differences between us and levels the playing field so that anyone can experience tangible changes in their lives

This science is called mantra, and within this manifestation challenge, you will learn a brand new mantra which has been coded from the fractals of consciousness to literally command your body, mind and spirit to upgrade its point of attraction. You will rise out of feeling stuck and into experiencing more fulfillment as you awaken the gifts within you which create more wealth and attract value-delivering relationships to you. 

All of the upgrades you want in your life will come from your being able to heal your relationship with attracting and receiving more money. Money always flows toward the exchange of valuable solutions so you must position yourself correctly if this will become your reality. This mantra with use over time will guide you into the knowing and the actions which will cause you to experience these changes.

In this 12-day fractal meditation manifestation challenge, I will also guide you through a clear manifestation process, in addition to 12 points of wisdom, inner healing and action you must process through so that the light you generate from the mantra can do its work in your life with ease and power! 

Mantra must be captured by the right beliefs and mindset in order for it to be effective, so each exercise will help you to evaluate twelve important beliefs linked to receiving the special activating light generated from chanting the mantra.

You will also be given the opportunity to evaluate your own beliefs using journal prompts. Journal prompts are questions or statements which give you a little push to look within at how you are thinking, and at how you truly feel about the new beliefs and decisions required to progress through each section. You will experience healing and even surprise yourself as you commit to letting go ot old thought patterns and feelings and writing honestly. In that space of truth and heart-openness, you can begin to dream again and heal your life. 

Level Up - 12 Day Fractal Meditation Manifestation Challenge is a 57-page course workbook, which you can print on 8.5" x 11" paper so you can complete all of the exercises for best results.


How Long Will I Have Access To This Course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need because it is a digital download. What you do with your file it totally up to you afterwards. It's your choice!

What If I Am Unhappy With My Purchase?

Well, I would be really surprised and sad to hear that! But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me a screenshot copy of your completed coursework, plus the reasons for your discontent within 14 days of purchase, to be considered for a refund.

Will I Get Results Within 12 Days?

It is very possible to get results within the twelve day challenge period. However, note that you must integrate the new beliefs properly in order to receive the light of the mantra. Each person taking this course will begin this exercise at different places in their lives and thus will have different mindsets. The process of twelve days is meant to be the length of time needed for teaching you the content and is not a guarantee of the time required to receive specific results. You should continue to use the mantra even afterwards until you are satisfied with the changes in your life. Each person is different and you should bear that in mind when choosing to take this course!

If I Still Have Questions, How Will I Contact You?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me a note via the Contact form on my website.

Who Is This Challenge For?

This course will be of benefit to you if you want to:

● begin making more progress toward achieving your dreams
● secure a promotion at work
● secure acceptance in a program
● raise the prices of your services
● enjoy more luxury,
● attract better love relationships
● buy a new car or home
● fly first class instead of coach
● take more vacations
● enjoy a better quality of life with your family etc.

Those are just a few! If you think you are somehow living below the standard of life you know you deserve, I invite you to take the challenge!

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