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The Bulletproof Keto Diet

Let's face it, there are lots of misconceptions out there about the keto diet. People haven't done their
research. People relied too easily and what their friends tell them. In fact, too many individuals, who
would otherwise benefit from this amazing diet, let Facebook comments and link shares discourage
This really is too bad, because if they only knew, they probably would benefit quite a bit from the keto
diet. What benefits?
Well, imagine eating fatty and greasy foods with a clean conscience. I know, sounds too crazy to be
true. Well, that’s exactly what you get with the keto diet. You can indulge in your ‘guilty’ food
pleasures and not have to worry. Keto enables you to melt off your fat by, you guessed it, eating fatty
foods. What’s not to love?
Another key benefit keto brings to the table is its inflammation fighting properties. Please understand
that inflammation is bad news. The reason why the Standard American Diet (rich in carbs) is making so
many people sick is because it is an inflammatory diet. You end up bloated because your carb intake
sucks up so much fluid.
I wish I can say that this is the extent of the inflammation you suffer from a standard high carb diet.
Nope. Not even close. Not only do you bloat up because of all that extra water, your nerves,
cardiovascular system, kidneys, even your skin all bear the brunt of all that extra water. Your blood
pressure remains elevated, your skin starts to wrinkle up, you end up suffering from brain fog, I can go
on and on. To say the least, inflammation is bad news.
When you switch over to a keto diet, you cut down dramatically on carbs. This means there’s less water
absorbing hyper spongy carb molecules in your system. Not only will your body start expelling your
‘water weight’ (which is great news for people trying to lose weight), you will also get better skin. All
that inflammation weighing down on your skin and prematurely aging and wrinkling it disappears.
Similarly, your nerves get a much needed break and neurotransmitters in your brain and central nervous
system do a much better job sending nerve signals. This translates to less ‘brain fog’ and increased
mental alertness. Finally, getting rid of much of that water in your system means your blood vessels get
to relax and your blood pressure starts to normalize.
Still, if you believe in some common myths about ketosis,

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