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How To Look Elegant Classy and Sophisticated Workbook

Hey there,

I am sure that by the time you land on this page, you have probably watched several Youtube videos and also read articles or books on how to look elegant.

Wonder why you're still not making progress?

I will tell you why; because watching a 7 minute video that is designed to increase the Youtuber's page views or reading an article that is not tailored to your journey simply leaves you with scanty disorganized information that is almost entirely useless in levelling up your elegance.

How do I know this? I had the same frustration.

That is why I created this eBook. And is not just an e-Book, but also a workbook.

Perharps you are asking, "how is it any different from what you may have previously come across?"

Well, the workbook and ebook - How To Look Elegant, Classy and Sophisticated - contains 7 chapters/segments. At the end of each segment, there is a simple but very effective exercise which you have to do so that you can directly implement whatever you have read into your elegance journey.

And here's the truth, my real joy is having this ebook and workbook land in the hands of someone who is genuinely interested in leveling up, because they will maximize its richness, and their life will improve.

That's the goal.

For instance, this testimonial rocked my world and made me so happy and fulfilled.

"The book is AMAZING! I used your advice when it came to fabrics and even went online shopping for some new clothes. I had my mother read it and she’s raving about how informative it is and have been using your cotton ball + perfume tip for the past 3 days and says it’s better then just carrying around her perfume! I’ve been successfully eliminating all of my bad clothes and have been surprised at how many clothes/ things that don’t fit me or are just not classy or elegant. Your ebook is a life saver THANK YOU!"
- @feminineteens

Check out the chapters below to see what is contained in the ebook and workbook. If the content will help you in your elegance journey, treat yourself, it is only 9.99$.

The real question is, are you willing to invest in your leveling up and elegance journey?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Acquire The Confidence Mindset

Chapter 2: How to Eliminate Cheap-Looking Clothes

Chapter 3: How to Discover Your Elegant Style

Chapter 4: Where and How to Shop Your Elegant Style

Chapter 5: How to Accessorize With Style

Chapter 6: How to Groom Yourself Well and Daily

Chapter 7: How to Smell Nice and Select a Signature Scent
Extra Details

It is 42 Pages in total. It is a digital product (26 MB), and it can be printed.

Each section is information packed, practical and has a workbook section for the reader to do related reflection and exercises.

There are 4 extra worksheets in the end section if you need more writing space.

Buyer Instructions

• Please download the eBook on your computer first, then transfer the PDF file to your iPhone, iPad or tablet. Your device may require an app to open the file (such as iBooks or Adobe Reader).

• If the download fails, please check that you have a stable internet connection and enough storage space on your device. If it still doesn't work, please restart your computer and try again.

• After your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link. Please refer to this if you lose your copy. If not, contact me and we can sort something out.

You will get a PDF (17MB) file

$ 19.99

$ 19.99

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