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Your Candle Business: A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up and Running a Successful Business Making Candles - Ebook Edition

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Turn your dreams of starting your own candle business into reality.

Aimed at the UK market by the co-founder of craft retailer - this book provides practical, detailed advice and a series of milestones to get your candle business off the ground. 

The book covers:

  • What you need to know about how business works
  • How to come up with, and test, your product range
  • 3 methods for working out the right price and why you should never compete to be the cheapest
  • Plain English guidance on dealing with HMRC and other government bodies - including direct links to the resources and forms you need and advice on companies, tax, regulation, accounting and insurance
  • Setting up at home - including specific advice on equipment and software
  • Online marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon
  • Top tips for success at Craft Fairs
  • Your website
  • How to promote your business and bring in the customers - online and in the real world
  • The seven secrets of success.

"Creating a successful craft business is not rocket science but, to do it successfully, there are certain things you must know. This book captures the lessons I’ve learned since starting MakingYourOwnCandles, along with the experiences of other British craft businesses- both long established and recently set up. If you’re looking for the nitty-gritty, this is the book for you." Kevin Partner

Note: once you've purchased the book, you'll be able to download it immediately. However, you will also receive an email from Bookfunnel containing a link to the book files. I strongly recommend using the link in that email to get the book onto your device (Kindle, tablet, smartphone, computer etc) though, by all means, do also download the epub if you wish.

You will get a EPUB (662KB) file
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