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Big Dogs Have Bigger Cocks 15-Pack Vol 8

15 extremely hot, woman on dog sex stories. Every one of these women get taken and knotted by big dogs with VERY big red rockets…

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Stories Included:

* Rough Sex With My Dog In His Doghouse!
* Free Use Dogs 1: Taken & Used At The Dog Pound
* Mind Controlled By The Doberman
* I Forced My Sick Sister To Fuck The Dog
* Birthing The Illicit, Underground Rottweiler Pups
* Free Use Animal Birthing 1: The Mutt's Pups
* Consummating My Marriage With My Dog
* My Brother Turned Me Into A Dog And Now I Live Only To Serve Him
* Knocked Up By The Boss & His Dog
* Rex Hypnotized Me & Made Me His Bitch!
* Taking The Dog In My Tight, Virgin Pussy
* Forced To Fuck The Family Dog!
* Fucked By My Rottweiler
* Bad Dog Free Use 1: Mom, Why Are We Obeying Rex?
* I've Never Been Knotted By A Dog, Daddy!


At first I thought it was a joke. Yeah, like I was going to get on all fours and bark like a dog. Sure. Right. Uh-huh —

But...that's exactly what I did. I fell to my knees, put my hands on the kitchen floor and let out a high-pitched, pathetic-sounding 'woof.'

What the ever-living fuck?

*** Do it again, this time add a howl at the end.

Rex, my large black & tan Doberman looked me straight in the eye and commanded. Yes, commanded. In my head.

Had I gone insane? Why was I hearing voices - especially my dog's inside my head?

Woof! Arooo!

"Okay, that's enough playing doggy." I patted Rex on the head and stood.

*** No. Eat from my bowl.

Again, his words were more than just a simple suggestion. It was like he had some control over my mind and body. I found myself - on my hands and knees - crawling over to his icky dog food bowl. I looked down at the gross-looking pile of half-eaten crap in there, then stuck my head down.

The smell was almost enough to make me retch. I knew it smelled horrid, but I'd never actually stuck my nose in it before.

*** Go on. Eat it. All of it.

I closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue and scrunched up my nose. God help me I didn't know why I was doing this. Why was I obeying my dog? Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Minutes later, I had scarfed down all the shitty-tasting morsels and looked at Rex. "You happy now?"

He nodded, his lips upturned in a smile.

*** Very. That's your food now. I'll be eating steaks from now on. Understood?

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