Art Of The Dungeon Master

by Fritz Feddeck

Welcome to my Art of the Dungeon Master PDF guide. In this 38 page guide I want to help you find your vision and voice, becoming a potent force and Dungeon Master in the D&D game.

Written with quick and direct advice the goal is to cut down your learning curve as a Dungeon Master, and to make your next (or first) game amazing for both you and your players.

Topics covered include:

Essential Dungeon Master Skills

World Building Rules

Running your First (Or Second) Adventure

Dealing With Cranky Players

Finding You DM Voice

Going Off Script

Dealing With Player OOC Knowledge

All support from this guide will be used for hosting, bandwidth, and streaming for my Drachen Saga Dungeons & Dragons game:

Thank you for your support!

See you in the game!


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