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Flow Charts and Sequence Charts *Distance Learning*

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Hey, hope you are staying safe wherever you are! :)

I made these charts to accompany the students while they read. They can compare settings, characters, environments, animals, tell stories again in sequence, show how the mood shifted in the story, show effect somethings have on the world, and so much more! Use for close reading strategies.


✅two column chart

✅three column chart

✅two step flow chart

✅two part flow chart

✅three step flow chart

✅three level flow chart

✅idea web

✅2 different types of Venn diagrams

✅2 four part sequence charts

✅FILLABLE PDF for distance learning

✅Pack of LINED flow charts/sequence charts

✅Pack of non lined flow charts/sequence charts


Total 13 pages.
You will get a ZIP (3MB) file