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2023-09-12 Sarah - Long Term Foot Injury 1 - Part 4 C (06-2023)

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In the next break Sarah hops out of the entrance with her mobile in one hand and the crutches in the other hand. Since she needs one hand for the mobile she crutch hops a few meters before he ends the call and crutches again to the main-entrance of the school and up the stairs.

After school Sarah crutches down the stairs and around the school building again where she sits down on a bench and removes her one shoe. Her right foot hurts now too from all the hopping and crutching and so she decides to crutch home on her socked right foot. She knods the shoe on one crutch and crutches off on her socked right foot - very nice.


Keywords: sprain, one shoe, sock, crutches, hopping

Format: MP4

Length: 10 minutes

Resolution: 1920x1080

You will get a MP4 (734MB) file

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