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Goal Setting with Compassion and Self-Care

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A fresh approach to setting goals and working towards them. 

This 26 page PDF is loaded with information to help you determine which goals to focus on and how to frame them in a way that comes from a place of compassion and self-care rather than a place of lack or a need to "fix" something about yourself. 

"Encouraging and super helpful!"

Alongside examples from my own life, you'll receive several journal prompts and exercises to help you work through the idea that we must attain goals to be worthy. We are worthy now. 

"A completely new way of approaching goal setting!"

This workbook offers a lot of value in 26 pages. And for a limited time, it is available for FREE. 

"I feel like you're in my corner so I am not intimidated or feel inhibited."

This workbook began when I noticed that I (and a lot of others) create and try to work toward goals from a place of improvement. As if we are not good enough already. So I asked myself, "What if we created goals from a place of self-love rather than self-loathing?"

What do you say we find out?
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