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The First Lady

By Alphamale Publishing
To most men, a woman is just a woman. But little do they know, there are women out there

who are, as we use the term, shot callers. For one to not believe that a woman can hold

the same power as a man, he himself is blind with a closed mind to one of the

strongest things in life, which is reality. Eve did not force Adam to eat the apple, the

snake did. The snake was not a she. Eve just did her part of showing God that her

gift to rule worked. If Adam didn’t eat

it, someone would have eventually. Don’t

fault the woman for her position in life, fault the man for falling for her!

For those who are of closed minds, if we overlook Eve as a powerful woman, it’s

due to the religious aspect that they built in your mind to say that she was

the one to fuck up the future. They sure

have a stranger belief. As one says, don’t point the finger on another until

you yourself get your finger fixed. And

I’ve seen a lot of broken finger pointing, from a finger that looked crooked to

some, but to others was straight. I’m

not judging, because my finger is crooked in four places! If the woman is at

fault from the beginning, why is she in the clergy, which is the body of an

ordained person in a religion? Either she is at the top of her game, for them allowing

in a faulted woman that fucked up the future, or she couldn’t have been the

cause. Rather the salutation of being

life to us.

Let’s go back to Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and the

notorious Queen of Sheba, who all had their part in history, not to mention ran

the world in the B.C. So if you don’t know the history on our women, study it

before you close your mind on women. To say that there are not women who are

shot callers, or women heads of families, that’s unknown to you. You see the

power of women in the past and we know that the past always repeats itself. If a woman ruled the past, what makes you think

she can’t rule in the present? Believe it or not, she rules man with just her

sex, which can always be taken to another level.

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