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A long time ago powerful shamans healed people with proven methods of their own. They are already legends in today s world of alternative medicine.
Their teachings are simple but effective. Their name is the kahunas translated as "keepers of secrets".
The knowledge that they have given to us is remarkable and very healing to our mental and emotional problems.
In this audio course I share with you authentic teachings and techniques that you can apply to your life and make it easier in some way. I have worked hard during the years both in theory and in practice to give people the heritage of the Hawaiian healers.

What you will learn:

1. Lesson 1: Find the philosophy of the kahunas in three simple steps.
2. Lesson 2: Uncover two of their ancient techniques that could eliminate some of your emotional issues. You can also receive help by learning another easy tool from the kahunas.
3. Lesson 3: Understand how to find inner peace within yourself.
4. Lesson 4: Tap into mana or the mysterious energy of the Hawaiian Islands. Plus one bonus exercise- Turbocharge yourself with energy and vitality with a powerful kahuna technique.
5. Lesson 5: Discover and develop the divine connection that is always with you. Connection that can help you in many areas of your life.
6. Lesson 6: Learn the 7 shamanic principles and new great tips to help you in your practice of them.
7. Lesson 7: Reveal the sacred deep connection of the kahunas. Powerful Huna technique.
You will get a MP3 (45MB) file
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