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Viral Marketing Madness

Viral Marketig is one of the most effective and efficient digital marketing methods that can explode your sales and increase it exponentially if done correctly. All major companies and all the professional digital marketers use this technique to promote their products, and without it, digital marketing will not be successful. This means that, every digital marketer has to master it to be able to make exponential sales. 
The concept behind Viral Marketig is that a mixture of techniques should be used to make the product promoted like a virus. A virus has two features, first, it is contageous and spreads very fast; second, it spreads automatically and independently without effort and intervention after being released. The virus's behaviour is mimicked for the marketing purpose and some techniques are developed to make the product promotion contageous, too rapid and highly automated and independent. The other advantage of Viral Marketing is that it is usually very cheap while maintaining its efficacy, and this makes it a great strategy not only for the big businesses, but also for the small and brand new ones who do not have too much capital to invest on paid advertisements.
In this book, the viral marketing concept is described more in depth and major viral marketing techniques are explained.
despite many other books who talk a lot and take the reader's time, in this book, the author has tried to explain and transfer the core of the neccessary educational materal as briefly as possible (to respect the reader's time). 
In chaper 1, the Viral Marketing Concept is explained.
In chapter 2, the Power of Social Media is discussed.
In chapter 3, Basics of Viral Marketing are described.
In chapter 4, Creating a Viral Book is surveyed.
In chapter 5, Using Face Book as a Viral Tool is explicated.
In chapter 6, Using Twitter as a Viral Tool is explained.
In chapter 7, Techniques For Creating Viral Buzz are described.
In chapter 8, Viral Marketing Mistakes To Avoid are mentioned.
at the end, the book is wrapped up.

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