Art Of The Dungeon Master

by Fritz Feddeck

Being a Dungeon Master is both an exciting and scary opportunity. You are there to lead the game, build the adventure, resolve the rules, AND have a good time as a participant in the game- of which many Dungeon Masters forget they are also there to enjoy the role playing experience.

This 41 page PDF guide is written to help you find your vision and voice as a Dungeon Master and after just one reading of the guide maximize and improve your next game by giving you the ESSENTIAL skills you will need as a DM.

Topics covered include:

The ART of the DM.

Finding your voice.

Essential DM skills to master.

World building.

Running your first adventure.

Dealing with salty players.

Going off adventure script.

Dealing with PC death.

Running your first campaign.

As a long time Dungeon Master and D&D player I want to give you the tools to find your own balance and unique blend of gaming personality with this PDF, so you can be the best Dungeon Master that you can…

…and have FUN running the game at the same time.

Thank you for your support through this PDF as it is used to help pay for hosting, domain, and bandwidth costs for my posts and podcasts on my blog.

I’m honored to be a part of your gaming life.


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