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First, I want to be clear about the use of the word ‘diet’ on my site. According to, diet means “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health” and "a particular selection of food, especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease".  When I use the phrase “The Fibro Diet” I am referring to the foods you should be eating for your meals and snacks in order to have a positive impact on your living with fibromyalgia.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, when I say ‘fibro diet’ I am referring to the groups of foods that will help alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms and the groups of foods to avoid because they will cause a flare in symptoms. 

The Fibro Food Guide is a collection of foods you can eat with fibromyalgia and foods you should avoid. The guide lists the reasons why you should or shouldn’t eat certain foods along with an easy to follow the printable table.
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