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What Does The Fox Say? Depends On How Horny She Is

So, what does the fox say...?

Anything you want her to...


I'd just finished my Universe of Foxcraft Fox Rep and was about to roll my first toon when something strange happened.

Really, really strange.

Just as I hit the create character button to bring my new Were-fox into existence, the lights flickered and a flash of lightning blistered through the room, striking my computer and sending sparks everywhere.

Then, all went dark.

"Why hello there, mister? Do you know where you are?"

I heard a voice close by in the darkness. It was a soft, lilting voice that caused my loins to ache.

"I...I..." I tried to speak, but the moment I did I felt a soft, furry kiss on my lips.

"It's okay. You’re with me now."

What was going on? Every hair on my body stood up.

"Just relax, Stan..." The familiar, high-pitched voice whispered softly as her lips pressed heatedly against mine.

Surely, this was just a dream, right?

I flipped on the bedside lamp and was shocked to see an exact copy of my character sitting naked right on top of me.

Wait. I didn't have a bedside lamp!

I quickly scanned the room, but realized that she wasn't in my room.

I was in hers...

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