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Creating Beyond The Lies Of Family

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How many lies, limitations and judgements from your family have you aligned and agreed with about you? What have you assumed is true about the world simply because your parents said it was so? 

Is it time to truly discover who you are and what you know? 

Call One Can Assist You To: 
Clear where you are being affected by your families projections, expectations and judgements
Undo any fight against your family members reality
Clear the roles and jobs you were delegated as a member of your family 
Clear what you are energetically carrying from your tie in the womb that is limiting you 
Clear where you have given up choice to be a member of your family. 
Reclaim your power & potency beyond what your family could receive. 

Call Two Can Assist You To:
Clear the entrainment to choosing like your family.
Get out of judgement of your Mum & Dad
Clear where you where made the scapegoat or problem in the family.
Clear where you are holding yourself back for your Mum & Dad.
Start caring for you more than you were cared for as a child.
Clear where you are creating a financial reality like your parents
Clear where you are taking on your families limitations.​
Clear your fears of being like your family. 

​Call Three Can Assist You To:
Become more aware of the hidden dynamics of your family.
Clear where you are making your parents greater than you.
Clear the programs of being dominated, owned or controlled by family members.
Clear any resistance to what you are aware your partner is limited by
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