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The Lives of the Four Imams (epub)

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In todays times there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the subject of following a madhab and Fiqhi Rulings. This seems to be one of the major reasons behing the differences and disagreements in the Muslim Ummah, especially today. However, it is of great importance to know about the lives of four Jurists of Islam whose works have survived until this day. Their juristic pronouncements have held sway over the entire Muslim world throughout history.

This concise treatise will help us get to understand some of their methodologies when it came to extracting rulings from the two main sources of Islam, the Qur'an and Hadeeth. Although this treatise does not prove to remove all of the confusions and doubts among the Muslims, it definitely serves as a beginning point in order to get to know who these great Jurists of Islam were. I believe that for a simple layman, this book will prove extremely beneficial as a starting point before moving on to reading more advanced literature on this subject.

Contents of the Book:

CHAPTER 1: Imam Abu Haneefah
About Imam Abu Haneefah
His Birth, Upbringing and Education
His Teachers
His Lectures and Rulings
His Knowledge
The Compilation of Fiqh
The Hanafi School of Thought
His Character and Personality
Imam Abu Haneefah - A Man of Principles
His Imprisonment and Death
His Students
His Contribution and Islamic Legislation in Present Times

CHAPTER 2: Imam Maalik
About Imam Maalik
Prevailing Conditions before his Birth
His Birth, Upbringing and Education
Start of Religious Lectures
His Reverence for Ahadeeth and Love for the Prophet (S)
Political Conditions of that Time
His Selflessness and Modesty
Imam Maalik – A Man of Principles
His Caution Exercised in Rulings
Main Principles of Maaliki School of Thought
The Muwatta of Imam Maalik
His Character and Personality
His Death

CHAPTER 3: Imam Shaafi'ee
About Imam Shaafi'ee
His Birth, Upbringing and Education
Under Imam Maalik's Tutelage
The Period of Hardship
Under Imam Muhammad's Tutelage
His Stay in Makkah and Widespread Fame
The Basis of Principles of Fiqh
His Disagreement with Imam Maalik
A Balance between Ahlus-Sunnah and Ahlul-Rai
Principles of The Shaafi'ee School of Thought
His Dealings and Morality
His Death

CHAPTER 4: Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
About Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
His Birth, Upbringing and Education
His Study Circle
His Trial
Scholar Par Excellence in Hadeeth and Fiqh
Principles of the Hanbali School of Thought
The Impact of the Hanbali School of Thought
The Lifestyle of Imam Ahmad
His Death

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