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Pocket Full of Posies (Lana Harvey 2) audiobook

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audiobook narrated by Hollie Jackson
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Little reaper, big afterlife.

The promise of peace in Limbo City is threatened once again, but this time the terrorists have a more specific target in mind: Lana Harvey. The up and coming reaper thought passing her classes at the Reaper Academy was going to be her biggest challenge, but when a rebel demon sends her apartment up in flames, she realizes that her victories from the previous year haven’t gone so unnoticed after all…

To make matters worse, the Afterlife Council has taken notice of Lana, too. The Egyptian god Horus is blackmailing her into joining the Posy Unit so she can do an illegal side job for him, and Cindy Morningstar, Lucifer's daughter, insists that she take a two-week training course with the devilishly tempting Beelzebub, much to her angelic boyfriend's chagrin.

New to Lana and Limbo City?
If you love urban fantasy steeped in mythology, dark humor, gritty action, and paranormal romance, begin this series with book one, Graveyard Shift, today!

Lana Harvey spin-off series Return to Limbo City coming December 2021!
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