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Free Use Rape 2: My Cousin Held Her Mother As I Raped Her

Continued from part 1…

Now that I knew the power of the ring, it was time for a role-reversal. I’d just raped my cousin with her mother’s help. Now it was time to turn the tables.

I wanted both of them pregnant!


After raping my cousin using the free-use ring my uncle gave me on my 18th birthday, I had to take a few min break before diving back in for seconds.

I grabbed a soda from the fridge and saw my uncle sitting out on the porch.

"I'm gonna miss that ring, boy." He sighed. "Made me millions. Laid me hundreds of women." He knocked back another swig from his beer.

I shrugged. "I don't mind sharing."

"No. I've had my fun with it. It's yours now." He changed the subject. "You rape my daughter?"

It was the oddest casual conversation I'd ever had. Just casually talking about raping the man's daughter.

"I did. Now I'm going to rape your wife as Sara holds her down."

He laughed heartily. "You're gonna like Jeanie's cunt. She knows exactly how to use it."

We said our good-bye's and I drank down the rest of my soda. It was time.

I could still feel her tight cunt clutching around my cock. I hoped that feeling never went away. But I pondered my uncle's words. I felt a bit bad that he was losing the ability to use the ring, but how did Aunt Jeanie's expert cunt feel?

"Throw her on the bed!" I ordered my cousin.

"I can't! She's too strong!" Sara whined.

"Fight back with everything you have." I commanded my aunt. "Don't let me fuck you no matter what."

God I loved the feeling of women fighting back as I raped them. There was just something so compelling about it.

My aunt struggled, but I picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. I'd grabbed some leather straps and I used those to tie her hands to the posts.

I gazed upon her naked form and lusted after her. My uncle's wife was so fucking hot. Her large breasts jutted out and rippled as she struggled.

"No, Brian! I forbid you to look at me like that! What's wrong with you?"

My cock surged at her words and I grabbed my cousin's small hand and put it down my pants. She started stroking me as I leaned down and played with my aunt's supple breasts.

Taking one of her nips in my mouth, I suckled each of them until she was writhing and moaning and bucking her hips.

I kneaded and massaged her large, motherly breasts as my cousin brought my cock fully to life.

"Are you going to fuck a baby in mom's womb like you did mine?" She giggled, kissing and licking my ear. Her hot breath tingled down my spine and my cock grew even harder in her hands.

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