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Books 1-3 collection: The New Rulebook & Pete Zendel Christian Suspense Series (ebook)

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An orphan framed for murder. A cop whose help came with surprises. And a dangerous criminal mastermind who won't quit.

RED: Book 1

Gripped by shock at the site of a presumed routine package delivery run, business woman and entrepreneur Ruby "Red" Masters just saw a woman die. And she discovered The New Rulebook, something she knew nothing about. But it knew everything about her, enough to frame her for murder. As the clock ticks, Ruby calls on the one person she trusts, her best friend and police officer, Robert Towers. Robert will find a way out. He always has. 

But as they race against time and beyond the reach of an unknown enemy, Ruby didn't count on Robert falling in love with her--and turning Christian. Robert's unrelenting grip on his newfound faith irritates Ruby, until she's captured behind enemy lines. When all human effort fails her, will she find that what she needed was right there all along? Or will she rebuff the love of the God she doesn't see, and that of the man she'd always known as simply a friend?


Orphaned, and previously framed for murder, bride-to-be Ruby "Red" Masters is glad to be living a normal life again. She busily prepares for her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Sergeant Robert Towers. Until she receives an SOS message from the mayor of Snowy Peaks—a besieged town. Ruby and Robert must face the possibility of having their lives interrupted—yet again—by the evil mastermind, Pete Zendel.

No outsider cared about Snowy Peaks—until Pete Zendel, bought it through an online auction from prison, seizing the opportunity of an annual honorary auction.
Now forcibly detained in his home and desperate, the town's mayor risks his life to send a covert message to the only person whom the world knows to have defeated Pete Zendel—the one who put him in prison in the first place—Ruby Masters. She was their last hope.



Ruby Masters' wedding day finally arrived, but an uninvited VIP guest crashes the wedding, asking for urgent help—and a ruthless enemy targets her and her fiancé Robert.

Robert Towers counted the days until today—when the love of his life will finally be his. But when anomalies occur before the wedding, he wondered  if his  assumption of their final safety from the reach of the evil masterminds was an illusion or a divine guarantee, even as shocking secrets unfolded. 

Will their hopes for a happily-ever-after become reality? Or will their enemies prevail?

This collection contains Books 1-3 of The award winning New Rulebook & Pete Zendel Christian Suspense series of 20 books. Get your copy now.
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