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Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides

The Princess and the detective return to very different receptions in the city of Alisandre Capital: one performs the royal ritual, while the other must sling a coffee mug. These separate worlds possess a synchrony that grows closer now, woven through the journeys of characters throughout the Pan-Galaxy.

Scion Princess Soleil is contacted by mysterious forces, who give her a hidden history - it's clear things are not all as they seem in the Pan-Galactic court, from Her Vast Eminence Celeste, Magus the 24th, to the Ascendant pair, Charlotte and Vario.

As #1 public enemy Raev Sturlusson creates some stirring emergencies, networks fair and foul weave through the shadows around intergalactic events. Spheres align and collide in surprising turns, from the detective to the ambiguously employed corporate worker, the people behind them and the people behind them. What exactly is it they're all up to? Something big, clearly dangerous, and very scientific.

Catastrophic events involve shipping pilots who always happen to know each other, who have time to volunteer; the semi-interested involvement of Dragonkind; and other non-human sentients, the grandly extra-spectrum expressive Aquarii.

From the strategy room to the lost streets, discover Alisandre and the Pan-Galactic Imperium through people within and without, as it all begins to change.


An intergalactic adventure encountering different cultures across the universe.  The characters are a fusion of ancient and modern archetypes - mythic, Jungian, pop culture - and aliens resemble beings from our fantasy fairy tales, but seen from an experiential as opposed to magical viewpoint.  Heroes and villains are not cut and dry.  There is interplay of light and shadow, and the tables turn.
It's also a story of a great empire being confronted with the consequences of its darker deeds, and suppressed peoples claiming justice.  The scion of this empire experiences a vision that sends her on a journey of discovery that will change the course of history, at a time when humanity is on the verge of scientific breakthrough into the multiverse... sprinkled with humor and action throughout.
Bare Bones Edition
Text Only (no illustrations)
205 pages
one-page PDF format sized for tablets
cover by GLuk Fonts
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"A uniquely told and intertwining story, evoking interstellar mystery and a deadly inheritance, all brimming with artistic vibrancy." - Josh Vogt, author of The Cleaners series & Forge of Ashes

“Epic” - Michael Seibert, mechanic at Wingnut Customs

“Eva Elasigue’s debut novel, Bones of Starlight: Fire on all Sides, is a pan-galactic sci-fi told in lyrical passages that keep the pages turning. The world building develops naturally as the story unfolds and events happen all over the galaxy, with a fantastic host of players from a variety of races and worlds. A stupendous opening to a new space operatic series.”
- Vanessa MacLellan, author of Three Great Lies

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