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Brain Food

If you eat the right food, you can improve your brain health.

The brain is the control centre of the body, if given the right diet it can keep the heart beating, the lungs breathing and allows the joints to stay healthy and most of all the right food can sustain your thinking power.

The food we eat is therefore important to keep the brain healthy and improve the memory and concentration.

There are foods that keep the brain healthy.

As the brain is mostly composed out of fat, the following foods good for the brain are:
- Fatty fish, such as salmon, trout, and sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 helps to build brain and nerve cells, which are food for learning and remembering. They may even slow age-related mental decline and keep out depression.
- Coffee helps to boost alertness and mood.
- Blue berries have numerous health benefits such as acting against inflammation in the body.
- Curcumin has an active ingredient called turmeric and it is a real cell booster. It is a potent antioxidant and has an anti-inflammation compound including vitamin K.

- Pumpkin seeds are rich in micronutrients that are good for the brain to function well. They include copper, iron, magnesium and zinc.
- Dark chocolate and cocoa powder contain flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants.
- Various nuts contain vitamin E derived from healthy plant fats.
- Oranges are high in vitamin C and they defend the brain from free radicals.
- Eggs are good for brain health, they include vitamin B6 and B12.
- Green tea is also good for the brain.

Next to food, exercising the brain is necessary to remain fit. By exercising the brain, decline of the brain cells may be avoided.

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease mostly in elderly people. One exercise could be by repeating what people are saying and creating pictures in the mind while talking to someone.

Try writing with your less dominant hand. Meditate, memorize quotations and add a new word to your vocabulary every day. Walking and observing what you see around you is also a good exercise to remain alert.

In this guide you will find some recipes to boost your brain health.

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