The Neighborhood Project

by Liberty Empowerment Institute

We all have a desired outcome........

Everyone has a desired outcome they would like to see from their government. In today’s world, it is easy to see that most of us are not getting the desired outcome from our current elected officials. Studies show that people disapprove of the actions of their government more than ever before. The problem is that it seems like nothing ever changes. Many Americans feel helpless and are looking for answers. That is why this book was written. There is an answer, and we are here to show it to you!

It’s time to go out and talk to your neighbors!

This book was written to show you as an individual how to obtain and keep real political power in your own neighborhood and how this method is vital in restoring honest leadership at every level of government. This book is not reinventing the wheel. It is to show you how to pick up the wheel and use it.

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