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For many years people have emailed me asking for my advice on playing roulette etc, hours spent communicating with people explaining why and how I play roulette in a predictive manner.  Some people decide to invest in my standard system to learn the basics of how I play, and some choose to opt in to my additional support options to spend my time with them one on one.


But as of late, people have started to notice that roulette, has somewhat started to evolve, with new game titles, more balls, different procedures, different wheels. 


I constantly receive feedback from people telling me which casinos they seem to win at more often compared to other casinos where they may loose more.  Why is this, some people are convinced that some online casinos are rigged and cheat players, and I know myself have experienced such feelings, which is why I have always played at certain websites which I have reasons to believe are much more fair than others.  


Why play at a casino site that you have never had a win at, continuously depositing money to try and win back losses just to feel better about yourself.  The thing is, if you know where to play, you do not have to get in to the wrong mind set.


There are some casinos online which I think purposely aim to fool players, even trying to fool a winning players,... 
you might ask yourself, why would paul think a casino able to fool someone who is winning?? - 
why would a winning player possibly feel the need to be sad, or fooled if he has just won a number of spins at roulette or won a profit of 100x his daily deposit?....   Then tell me why do some online casinos choose to show the winners list, in a long line of scrolling usernames without a currency indicator.   


Just to try and understand what I am trying to explain here, take this for example: 
Imagine yourself as a british citizen, playing roulette at an online casino, with GBP pound currency... you have £500 on number #23 and the roulette balls lands on 23, you feel happy as you have £18,000 returned to your balance, which is £17,500 profit in just a single spin, which in comparison is a very moderate UK anual wage.  Anyone would be happy and satisfied with almost a years wage in a split second....  But what is this online casino doing, to fool you?  -  They are not forcing you to stay, they are not offering you a free meal to keep you at the casino for hours....  But have you any idea, or even thought about what it feels like, when you look at the winners list to see your winning result show up next to everyone elses?


Why do you need to see your result 17500 show up next to a long list of other people you do not know, what does it matter that there are 50+ other players winning.  Is it to prove you are not the only one person playing?  No, because that is why online casinos now show you a active player number before you sit at the table (like blackjack 4/5 seats availble etc)  -


You need to ask yourself how does the human mind feel when you win 17500, and how small you feel when you see someone else just won 300,000.....   you think your 17500 is tiny, and that you can also now have a chance to turn 18000 into 300,000....  so if you stay for longer playing from your choice, you may loose?


But, this is exactly why I froun upon certain online casinos, they have the choice to enable ot disable currency visability.


You may win £17,500 which you know is pounds, but when they remove the currency off the winners list, your £17,500 is now just 17500 in digits, next to someone else who has won 300,000...


I have took the time many times to prove to myself this goes on.  How?  Many online casinos are streamed from live casino studio providers, they broadcast the games and results to online casino companies that you are signed up to, names you have heard, companies you trust.  Those companies then have a choice on what they are being sent, such as adjusting the table limits, showing a company branding cgi, showing or diable currency in winners list...


No big deal for most people, but I found it out many years ago myself, when I was logged in to a particular roulette table/wheel from one casino website, and being logged in at the same roulette table/wheel from another casino website...


It was obvious that it was the same table/wheel as they both had the same "name" but the videos where in sync, the results where same, the video was same, the dealers where same, theey spoke the same words, etc, it was live, the only difference was my balance was different on the two casino sites that I was logged in at seprately on two computers...


I am trying my best not to mention names etc... but I have 2000pounds on one account and the casino site had table limits of 0.50 to 50gbp on a straight up number, and the winners list shown up with a currency next to the value, so if i had £50 on a winning number, £1800 would show up next to my username on the winners list... then I would see my 1800 show up on the winners list on my other computer but without the £ sign... on the other computer I had betting limits of £1 - £250 on a straight number,


When I won £1800, I looked at the other computer and I seen it said my username with 1800 next to it, and there was another player who had won 28,000 but it never shown a currency obviosuly, so I quickly looked at my other computer, where I could still see my winner result scrolling up the screen with £ next to it £1800, and i seen the 28,000 value on the other players wresult, however it never had £ a pound sign, but it did show (CZK) and the other winners also had various currencies next to there value...


I checked what a CZK was and i found out that it was a currecny called Czech Koruna, and at the time of checking 28,000 CZK was almost £800.... So, he was higher in the winners list with 28,000 - altho, it was only worth 800£, and I had won 1800£ and I was below him.


However, it started to make sence, why would some online casino choose to show the currency!!


So that is just ONE reason, why I choose to like or dislike a casino, and yes that took me a while to explain, but there are also many other reasons why I like or dislike casinos for many other reasons.




Which is why I have my downloadble guide, as my recommended casinos.




I will make alterations to it as time goes on, but feel free to download and see which casinos I do recommended,




I am very impressed with this casino, and I would strongly suggest anyone to play at this casino even if you are not interested in using my strategy system that I have been playing roulette with all these years, they also have the most live roulette wheels again contact me for more finer detail on the wheels I actually suggest for optimal success for those who are using my system, including the two live stream land based casinos, totally best online results I have found to date.


Main reason, more than any other, is there withdrawal time is second to none, as I write this listing now on my payhip store, I deposited £200 out of sheer boredom today and won just over £2000 profit, but the exciting part was when I clicked withdraw using the Trusty withdrawal option on the leovegas website I got an email about 20 minutes later saying withdrawal was approved and I literally checked my bank and the transfer was already showing.  




Obviosuly some banks will differ, but the bank I use for online gaming is Natwest, so its nothing special in terms of requirements.




The ONLY negative thing I have found so far, is that they are REALLY strict about multiple deposit methods... I used a prepaid mastercard (which they look on as a credit card) which has a limit of £5000 holding, I do this by my own personal choice as I load on funds to the prepaid card so that I will not spend more than I decide to fund.  However, I also use other cards from time to time as the prepaid mastercard is not a very fast serving merchant, deposits and withdrawals can be slow on my prepaid card.  Sadly leovegas will ONLY withdraw to the same payment source which I most recently deposited with, so it HAS to go back to whatever card.  To me, this is a bit annoying, as I have had to withdraw a number of times to my card which has a maximum holding of 5000, and I have to wait till its showing in my prepaid card account, to move it out and into my standard bank, then do another withdrawal.




However, if you do choose to use Trustly to deposit with, you can literally withdraw and have the cash transaction available in your bank within the hour.  I just a little saddened, as I truly love using my prepaid master card, as I think it is an exceptionally good tool that is outside of any gambling website control.  




Controlling your money, is the most wise fact that can be the difference from winning and loosing in general.  
Just remeber you are free to play roulette and gamble where ever you choose to legally do so. 

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