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Outrageous Fortune

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In the distant future, on the planet Fortune, tech is low and the price of doing business dangerously steep…

Six years ago, a single act of rebellion cost Captain John Pitte his command and his honor. Now all his hopes rest in keeping his crew—in particular his first mate, Jagati O'Bannion—together, and their battered airship aloft.

But John soon discovers that running an honest freight business is not for the faint of heart. Between pirates, storms, taxes, and bees (don't ask), the Errant is in danger of being grounded—for good. 

So when a mysterious woman offers salvation by way of a lucrative retrieval job, John quickly signs on, only to discover that neither the job, nor the woman, are what they appear.

Now John, Jagati, and the rest of the crew are on the run and embroiled in a hive of madness and deception, while everything he hoped to save teeters on the brink of disaster.

Outrageous Fortune is first book of the Errant Freight series, introducing the outrageous exploits of the Errant crew. If you like your action with a side of snark, you'll love this free-wheeling mashup of science fantasy, steampunk, and adventure. Perfrect for fans of Firefly and Killjoys. 

What readers have to say: 
"Characters that you want to get to know in a world where everyone appears to be misbehaving." 
"Spell binding, fast and beautiful character portrayals"
"Shakespeare meets Firefly, classic meets modern written with true talent and prowess."

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