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Is kindness something you be or is it something you are trying to prove that you are? When you try to prove it, you always have to try and show people how kind you are, which means you will often make choices that work for everyone else and never choose what works for you. What if you were willing to be kind to you now? How different would your life choices be if you didn't have to prove your kindness to anyone? This Audio will Help You.... ​Clear your points of view about kindness that cause you to be the sacrifce to other people's reality. Give up being a people pleaser. Clear the points of view that cause you to be manipulated by people that abuse you or stab you in the back. Clear the judgement that you have of you, that causes you to punish you. Undo where you feel guilty if you choose something that works for you. Undo the any trauma and abuse you have experienced in the past. Clear the points of view that cause you to divorce you to fit into someone's idea of perfection. Undo where you are limiting your potency based upon judging some of your capacities (like being able to manipulate" as evil.
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