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This training video is for men and women wanting to learn how to set and sustain healthy boundaries in their life, relationships +/or business.

In this 1 hour and 5 minute previously recorded workshop, I will walk you through a guideline of the 3 THINGS you must know about yourself in order to understand and set the types of boundaries you need/want in any area of your life and then implment + communicate them in healthy ways. 

Without these THREE STEPS you will 100% guaranteed cross your own boundaries and/or allow others to as well!

Feeling disrespected, devalued, used, abandoned and taken advantage of used to be my everyday reality. I gave and gave in hopes of feeling loved and appreciated and all I felt was forgotten and neglected.

Are you the....

  • Obedient one?
  • The people pleaser?
  • Doormat?
  • The over-giver?

Are you someone who gives and gives to everyone around you and ends up feeling resentful, used, abused, manipulated, controlled and taken advantage of? Do you fear saying no? Do you fear asking for what you want because you don't feel worthy and deserving of it? Do you withhold your opinion and truth because you want them to like you or not leave you?

Boundaries are about to save your life, business and relationships - this I promise you! 

This workshop is going to break down for you into a simple understanding how to create, communicate and maintain the healthy boundaries you want, need and deserve in order to feel powerful, supported, respected, loved, honored and heard!

This workshop training course was previously recorded live and there is no longer a Facebook Group available with my added individual guidance, as mentioned in parts of the training video. 

I am excited for the awareness you will gain about yourself as well as the wisdom and clarity it's going to provide you. Now it's time to start honoring yourself fully and allowing in the life, love and abundance you are so worthy of!






"Wow! You bring a slightly different flavor to this work than what I've seen and heard thus far. I love it!! So glad I've attracted you into my life Amy! Thank you!! You are doing GREAT work!! Keep it up, Sister!! Much love!! You are SPOT ON!!" - Tamie J.


"This is SO good. The “reminders” are why I show up. I know this stuff, but it’s hard to remember all the time." - Janica L.


"The most profound work ever. Within the first 20 min, you sum up, explain, and unpack the foundation of what a boundary is and how to create them internally which makes creating them externally just a skill set. I’m a licensed psychotherapist and have read many books on boundaries (national Best sellers) and they don’t compare to the simplicity and ease you bring with breaking it down as an INSIDE job. You have reshaped my soul, how I can take care of me first. how I relate to people and how I support my clients / students effectively from a place of inclusion of separation. As I leave “traditional therapy work” and embrace my private coaching practice / mission work I can see that this was the missing piece. Thank you for being my teacher and allowing Divine to flow through you as you inspire me to do the same." - Samaria W.


"Oh my....that was POWERFUL!!! This just may be the starting point for me to finally hear the TRUTH of who I have become, why I have struggled ALL MY LIFE and what I need to do now to find myself & LOVE myself. I am worthy! I deserve to be happy & have peace. I can love others without letting them hurt me. " - Michelle I. 


"That was brilliant!" - Angela S.


"EVERY single time, Amy, I get pages and pages of amazing, life-changing info. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve started signing up for every training and I’m always so happy that I did." - Adrienne B. 



You will get a MP4 (2GB) file



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