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2021 Anthro canine, feline, hyena base

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  • Canine head: includes bully head version, 7 ears
  • Hyena head: include mane add-ons, 2 ears
  • Feline head: includes lion version, 5 ears
  • Fluffy + smooth bodies, plus chubby body version for each
  • 16 tail types including some special extras like fish, shark, devil tail, ect.
  • Bunch of other extras like, wings, fangs/tusks, cheekfluff, hair tuft, manes, tongues ect. too many things to list honestly!
  • Note: may require some line editing to make certain combinations work

  • Credit is required, do not remove my watermark or claim as your own work.
  • Can be used for adoptables & personal use, do not use for merchandise or NFTs.
  • You may edit the lines as desired.
  • Do not distribute or resell my bases.
  • All sales are final. Check file type & size before buying!
You will get a PSD (7MB) file
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