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World Hunger Essay

A world hunger essay would strive to bring to the fore the plight of hungry children and adults the world over. There has been a 70% increase in population over the last 30 years. Improved agricultural methods have yielded more produce. We still see people still suffer from hunger, as many do not have farm land or the income to buy food. Developing countries have been suffering the most where one out of six infants is born with low birth weight due to mothers suffering from under nutrition. Hunger has led to serious health problems which affect the proper growth of children. Many reasons from write my research papers service are believed to have led to the sad state of affairs, and it is important to understand the reasons behind world hunger.

Children born poor learn to live in pitiable conditions. A poverty essay would bring to our notice that malnutrition is very common among children in developing countries. They live in unhygienic conditions and are sick for more than half the year, usually affect by diarrhea, pneumonia, or malaria. What causes people to live in poverty? In most cases, it is lack of resources and equal opportunity. Children born in poverty are unable to grow mentally and physically. They tend to believe their way of living would never improve. If they get one proper meal a day, they would be happy. A world hunger essay could highlight the fact that lack of education leads to isolation from society.

In Southeast Asia, agriculture is dependent of rain. Climatic changes have taken place over the years due to deforestation and people encroaching upon forest land. The world has finally woken up to speak up against the blatant misuse of our natural resources. Global warming is a major concern the world over, and it is becoming the biggest threat to our safety. Temperatures are rising. The ice has started melting in Greenland and the Arctic. Estimates suggest that most of the ice would have melted by the end of this century. The increase in water would in effect lead to land mass reducing.

War and conflict is another major concern that has led to the poor being exploited. Whenever there is conflict, the poor are left to fend for themselves. Resources become scarce, and the cost of living increases to an extent that people have to go hungry for days together. Governments spend millions to protect resources they feel would affect economic growth. A social work essay would reflect on failed attempts to eradicate poverty after a conflict. By the end of 2008 about 36 million people were displaced due to war. Other countries had to feed these people.

The World Food Summit was held in 1996 to try and reduce the number of undernourished people which had risen to 824 million. Representatives arrived from different parts of the world and set a target for the world to follow, i.e., to half the number of undernourished people by 2015. The world hunger essay would suggest that the summit has failed miserably to meet its goal, as the number increased to 1.02 billion by the end of 2009. Does it mean that all efforts to beat hunger are failing? In an ideal world, people would share resources, live in peace, and help governments meet their economic growth targets.

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