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Shadow of Death (Return to Limbo City #2) ebook

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What do you get for the goddess who has everything?
Aside from the skull of her most prized mortal vessel, that is.

Lana didn't expect an invitation from Isis to the biggest bash in Duat, but then favors are seldom requested without first greasing the wheels. The goddess needs a trustworthy reaper for a top-secret mission: to retrieve a talisman hidden in the tomb of an Egyptian queen before it's unearthed by archaeologists.

The relic possesses magical properties. In the wrong hands, it could unleash a plague on humans—or the afterlives. Lana soon discovers scientists are the least of her worries. If she'd known about the tomb-raiding cult hellbent on resurrecting Seth, she would have charged double.

Return to Limbo City with Lana and the gang! They'll have a cold ale waiting for you at Purgatory Lounge.

New to the Lanaverse?
If you love urban fantasy steeped in mythology, dark humor, gritty action, and paranormal romance, start at the very beginning with book one from the original Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series, Graveyard Shift, today!
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