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Tricks Training for Dogs

Trick Training is a great way to get to work and further bond with your dog! Whether your dog is young or old, never had any training before, or is a seasoned pro at the cues that we all value, like sit, stay, down and coming when called, trick training can benefit both species in unexpected ways!

Training tricks is fun and useful at the same time! A trick can serve as the foundation for building other behaviors, relevant for every-day use. If a dog learns to ‘play dead’, we teach him to perform the useful behavior of lying on his side. From here it can evolve into using this position for grooming, or nail filing procedures. ‘Shake’, or giving a paw, is of similar value.

This manual provides step-by-step training instructions, and links to video demonstrations (with novice dogs who have not already learned the tricks). In addition, you learn about positive dog training, and the technology used to successfully train a dog. 

The tricks in this e-book are: Spin, Shake, Sit up (pretty), Bang!, Bow, Paws up (on objects), Shake-to-High5, Bang-to-RollOver. You will also learn how to use a clicker or verbal marker effectively, and how to teach 'hand targeting' as a useful foundation behavior/trick.

If you get stuck somewere along the training, you can email me to this address: info@sylviaborghardtdogtraining. Some things can easily be solved in a quick email exchange, for others I am happy to help in an online training session.

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