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Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero (ebook)

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When passion runs too hot….

Of all the experiments, of all time…love still remains the most dangerous!

Samantha Fielding, an emotionally scarred ex-war hero, enrols into a top-secret scientific research programme, for all the wrong reasons.

Will she regret her mistakes?

In a dystopian future, after a decade of war, the United Kingdom is on its knees, ruled by strict martial law. Any 'deviant' behaviour including homosexuality or lesbianism is punishable in a manner worse than death--the perpetrators are forcibly 'reset'.

After her final and devastating tour on The Front, Samantha returns home. Here, in the small Cornish coastal town in rural England she struggles to adapt to 'normal' life and eventually, not knowing where else to turn, she enlists in a top-secret scientific research programme. This programme is intended to test her skill, endurance and fibre to their limits in order to unleash powerful, potentially lethal latent human abilities. As if life is not tough enough, she finds herself living dangerously by falling for the sexy, intelligent and enigmatic principal scientist, Dr Victoria Henderson, thereby - risking everything.

*** 2018 - NYC Big Book Award - WINNER! ***
*** 2019 - Global eBook Award - WINNER! ***

”Simulation” by Sam Skyborne is the gripping love story of the future. If you like fascinating mental phenomenon, high stakes, sizzling tension and fast-paced page-turners, then this is the book for you.

Will Samantha survive and get the girl?

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