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NOT-SECRET: When a secret is Born

Quotes from inside this book:
“Charles Manson did not attempt to start any War. It was all given to him via a military intelligence network-Kabal program for distraction. Just as the ‘UFO disclosure’ distraction Tom DeLonge is conducting… most likely without his awareness/knowledge of.”

“The Masses prefer to listen to and believe those who get The attention---the famous. And they will pay good big money for it. Look at the prices and the large attendance of all the conferences concerning UFOs and loosely related to that field which are held yearly all over the country and world.” A sorry fact: Very few new items are even touched on at these yearly staged events.
Music concerts, Hollywood and sports entertainment also draw big ticket prices.
“It is the same with politicians. People want to vote for the famous, the one’s well connected to the Big Money.”

“It maybe that far too many are too afraid to face what I have written of!”

“Conclusion January 2nd, 2018 Revelation:
The sorry fact may be, its not that the Elite are so elevated or good at whom they are, rather it is The Masses who are so deservingly good at continuing to play their part at belonging on the bottom of the social ladder.
No wonder there has to be a planet-wide division and the existence of “breakaway civilizations” which remain separate from open society.
The Secret must carry on!”

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