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P A Wilson. 

They’re set on solving crimes. But can this paranormal dynamic duo trust humans fearful of their gifts?

Fernlight is certain her sprite-ly powers will be the key to a successful detective agency. And partnering with the fiercely loyal fairy Bramble should mean they have the skills to bridge the gap into the human world. But when their first client turns out to be from the department intent on blaming supernaturals for every unsolved crime, they both smell more than a rat…

Wary of their customer’s intentions, Fernlight is shocked to learn someone is manufacturing a drug allowing humans to practice dangerous spells. And now all three are plunged into a perilous hunt to find the kingpin before everyone vanishes in a puff of very deadly smoke.

Will Fernlight and Bramble’s inaugural case end with a fatal disappearing act?

Blood Magic Blues is the delightful first book in The HOP-D Cases urban fantasy mystery series. If you like eccentric characters, imaginative worlds, and a splash of interspecies angst, then you’ll love P A Wilson’s spellbinding whodunit.

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