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Printable Daily Gratitude Journal

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A journal for people wanting to SHIFT THEIR MINDSET WITH GRATITUDE

Printable Gratitude Journal 

Attention all grateful souls! Are you looking for a way to enhance your gratitude practice?

This gratitide journal includes daily prompts to help you reflect on the things you're thankful for and cultivate a positive mindset & perfect for anyone who wants to experience the powerful benefits of gratitude, including increased happiness, reduced stress, and improved relationships.

Research shows it takes 4 weeks to achieve the amazing benefits of Gratitude Practice therefore this journal is for 28 days (4 weeks) with 4 pages per day. 

🌻 1x Daily Intentions 
🌻 1x Daily Gratitude + Affirmation practice 
🌻1x Guided Gratitude Journal Prompt page 
🌻 1x Journaling page to write about anything you want 

Our printable gratitude journal includes daily prompts that encourage you to reflect on the things you're thankful for, big or small. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life, you'll begin to notice a shift in your mindset and overall outlook on life.

Living with gratitude is one of the major keys to living a happy and prosperous life.
Gratitude is one of the greatest virtues you can possess in your life and something that you can easily learn

I carefully designed this journal to help you incorporate more gratitude into your daily life so that you can:

- Boost your mood and happiness
- Attract more joyful, supportive and enthusiastic people into your life
- Feel more inspired and motivated on a daily basis
- Become more energised and reconnected with your true self so that you can start to show up consistently and build the life you desire
- Reclaim your power and handle life's challenges with more grace and ease
- Switch from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and annoyed to lifting up and inspiring others with your good vibe
- Increase your sense of belonging
- Improve your relationships because gratitude makes you kinder, more supportive and feeling more connected. Gratitude helps us to see the best in people which is exactly what brings out the best of people.
- Feel more optimistic which makes you also feel more in control over life
- Benefit from all the other amazing benefits of practicing gratitude studies have reported: Better sleep, reduced stress, better cardiovascular and overall health, being inspired to do more things that are good for you like eating healthy and exercise, reaching your goals because you feel more motivated and become more creative.

You will receive

🌸125 Page Printable Journal PDF (High Quality print, 300DPI)
🌸 1 x ZIP file with 5x Cover Designs in PNG
🌸 1 x PDF with 5x Cover Designs 
🌸Gratitude Jar Template (inside the journal)
🌸Vision Board Template (inside the journal)

NOTE: This is a Digital Download, no physical products will be shipped.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (67MB)
  • PDF (21MB)
  • ZIP (20MB)

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