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The Immense Opportunity: Becoming Powerfully Receptive to Life

Brief Description

Human potential, an unmet need, calls for the very rectification of one’s state of mind for a better, well-lived life. Jacob Ryan, an art and philosophy enthusiast, writes looking at the psychology and the potential of human beings to help them find the key fundamentals central for optimal living. Every day, he works on creating ways that can mend the discreet state of humanity and inspire people to expand to greater levels of consciousness and enhance their capacities for critical thinking. The Immense Opportunity, a piece that is written with utmost devotion and passion, invites readers to consider life as an infinitely expanding endeavour, one where limits of potential are unforeseeably boundless.

Detailed Description

What’s required of us in order to live a life as well as we can? This is a question that has troubled the ages for many centuries of past. Yet a question that still appears extremely complex in our existing modern culture. What if the answer to such a question was much simpler than the complexity it first suggests? Many faculties of human knowledge such as religion, spirituality, science and mysticism do their part in responding to this question. Here, The Immense Opportunity seeks to explore this very question through a peculiar lens and suggests its discovery is much closer than we may initially assume.

Readers will be taken on a journey to explore the complex dynamics of human experience. How it interfaces with the life surrounding it and what can be done to begin perceiving life in a vastly different light. Human mind, self, culture, perception, growth, and potential are but some of the faculties explored. The book proposes unconventional thought and new ways of operating quite possibly uncommon to some. Inviting readers to consider the possibility that life may be more miraculous then how it is commonly conceived.

The sole purpose is to provide a brief exploration of the possibilities that life can offer. An insightful way of interpreting life through a lens that widens the present scope. One that looks at life through a lens of abundant opportunity. One that invites seeing the profound beings that we are and how we can begin operating from such a realisation.

This piece acts as a symbolic exemplification of Jacob Ryan’s work through his established online platform, Eunimity. An invitation from Eunimity, to you. Here, you will be taken on an exploration into some of the most fundamental aspects of human experience. Allow this to be a powerful exploration that enables the possibility of an Immense Opportunity.


Life itself is a concoction of craze, joy, confusion, challenge, surprise and learning. It is within this conglomeration we at times lose our state of balance and perspective. The Immense Opportunity endeavours to explore the dynamic dimensions of life and the way that we as humans move in motion with them. Providing a brief guide on some of the key fundamentals that are central to a life abundantly lived. Exploring the mechanics of society, unity, perspective, mind and self through an opportunistic lens. Drawing on key insights of deep envisioning and contemplation that can be both practically and conceptually implemented in daily life. The central theme of the book invites the reader to consider that life is not an inherent disparity but rather disparity becomes the making of the perceptions that maintain it to be. This is a deep exploration into opportunity, inviting a new way for life to be experienced.

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