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Planetary Patterns - A Dowser's Survey of Earth Energies

It’s about energy, Earth Energy. It’s not manmade,
and there are dozens of types, covering the
entire planet. They flow upward, downward, or
across the Earth’s surface, but you can’t see them.
Some are entirely favorable to living things, or
geobeneficent. Others are quite stressful, or
geopathic, adding to all the other environmental
and emotional strains we’re subjected to. Spend a
lot of time in geopathic zones and you’ll probably
get sick. But if you can avoid these spots, or find
someone who knows how to dissipate or deflect
the harmful energies, you'll soon feel better and
get better. That’s where I can help.
Wild animals and a few peculiar people,
such as myself, can do something you’ve probably
lost the knack for: geomancy, or using specialized
senses to detect, locate, and discern between helpful and harmful
Earth Energies. Using observations of animal behavior along energy pathways, and testing various materials to find ways of changing this behavior, I found several ways of bending harmful energies around businesses and dwellings. Proper training and persistence can
help you regain your dormant abilities to do the same. But in the
meantime, isn’t it nice to know that somebody else
went through the trouble to catalog the unique
patterns, or signatures, of these formations?
That’s what you’re now holding. And if you don’t
believe in any of this, that’s quite O.K. I didn’t
either, until I learned how to find, figure out, and
fix these things. Either way, the Earth will continue
to exhibit these patterned energy fields. So if you’re
willing to learn more, please read onward and
prepare to have your beliefs challenged!

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