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The Emperor's Prey

By Jeremy Han
With so much recently published historical fiction confined to very narrowly defined eras it is a pleasure to read Jeremy Han's account of an ancient world of feuding Chinese dynasties. From the opening the pace is swift and the action is brutal, visceral and realistic. Building on this impressive technique Jeremy Han provides full-blooded characters who, despite high social status, or extensive experience of combat and politics, are recognisable and credible. It's a great read and I'm looking forward to seeing more from a writer of great promise.

--Simon Scarrow, International bestselling author of the Eagle and Revolution Series
December 2012

There have been few historical novels written in English about either ancient or the Chinese Middle Ages. There have been even fewer written for Westerners about martial arts, especially, Kung Fu, from this period. With that said, author Jeremy Han’s first effort brings the 15th Century vividly to life and is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about this period.

--Jess Steven Hughes, Author of The Sign of the Eagle
October 2012

Those of you who like Kung Fu movies must read this excellent historical novel about Imperial power struggles during the early Ming Dynasty. A usurping uncle puts out a contract against his imperial nephew. Top martial experts contend with each either to kill or protect the Royal. Great Kung Fu fights. This is a great action packed adventure with well crafted characters and an amazing plot. I couldn't put it down. Look out for it.

Peter Goh, Author of Eagle in the Land of Dragons
October 2012

The Emperor’s Prey by Jeremy Han is a riveting read. It is clear that the plot has been excellently researched and developed and he beautifully weaves together the various plot lines and characters. Jeremy Han is a fresh talent, and reading his book was a breath of fresh air for me as I am someone who has read a lot and is always on the lookout for something new to grab me – and this certainly did that.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt captivated by it from beginning to end. It is well worth a read; lookout for it.

Louise M H Miller, UK


China, 1420: The Emperor Yongle never forgot that eighteen years ago, he failed to kill the man whose throne he usurped: his own nephew. Fearful of revenge, he sends his dreaded secret service, the Eastern Depot, to conclude the bloody episode. The problem is, the fugitive has disappeared into the vastness of the Ming Empire.

Ji Gang, the ruthless, cunning head of the Eastern Depot has never failed before. Can he find a man lost in the mist of time and kill him? With time against him, a secret, powerful network protecting the lost emperor, and an escape plan way beyond his imagination, this mission could be his downfall.

Déjà vu. Zhao Qi is summoned to rescue Jianwen again after delivering the fugitive emperor to safety eighteen years ago. The chief bodyguard seeks those loyal to Jianwen for one last mission. Except this time, he realises that besides loyalty, his teammates have a different agenda. Can he trust them with his life and the emperor’s as they play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the empire’s deadliest assassins?

A tale based on the mystery surrounding the fate of the Jianwen Emperor after the civil war of 1402, The Emperor’s Prey is a story of loyalty between friends, courage to love and freedom from injustice.

A vast and mysterious empire,
A murderous uncle,
An innocent man,
A team of relentless killers,
A brotherhood of warriors,
A woman who would kill to live,
One final battle

The Emperor’s Prey

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