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HENGJIA 8cm/30g Luya Fishing Lure Artificial Hard Bait Hook Iron Plate Fishing Tackle

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1. Iron plate luminous lead baits with bright colors to attract fish, unique movement that provokes predator to bite.
2. Vivid fishing lures, sharp hooks and various fishing tackle, which makes it the powerful fishing catching seduction.
3. Natural looking 3D eyes and high reflective holographic finish to attract even the smartest predator
4. Perfect for ocean fishing, ocean boat fishing, ocean beach fishing, river, lake, reversion, pond and stream.

Lead alloy
8cm length
Package Weight
One Package Weight
0.04kgs / 0.09lb
Qty per Carton
Carton Weight
8.00kgs / 17.64lb
Carton Size
38cm * 27cm * 22cm / 14.96inch * 10.63inch * 8.66inch

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$ 10.00

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