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The Inter-Dimensional War

After completing this book you will have a greater ability to identify the differences between our dimensions. Whether you decide to continue to be a participant of this greatest of all wars will be your decision from that point forward.
What is happening in your world? Read about it here.
Read on and you will no longer be unconsciously at war.
What are dreams the closest thing to?
Mankind has always had the ability to enter the portal of another dimension. He has forgotten this. Secret societies have kept these facts alive.
There is a physical dimension that ties you down in this life. Read the hard cold facts of this hell-on-Earth.
A description of our first 5 dimensions. These are the ones you need to be concerned with.
What does our Sun have to do with this?
How are we all hypnotized to an extent?
More of my writing on Time-lines. Is Time-line containment possible?
Similar court actions have a tie in. Where has the Judicial system failed us? Some details on those who have stood up to it.
How does healthcare fit into all this? Where does healthcare need to go from here on to succeed for each of us?
Is the U.S. Nation "the land of the free?"
More about contracts.
There are document papers you have easy access to that prove what is written here. See for yourself. They are almost at your hand.
There are experiences retold here about my first hand research.
There is a little info in this book about how our Earth operates and functions too.
Additional information on "your Straw man" too.

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