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Jane Austen’s Prayers - Print Copy - Signed by the Author (includes Postage)

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Jane Austen and her Prayers (Classic Edition)

‘Prayers composed by my ever dear sister Jane’ is written on the fold of the prayers written by Jane Austen, and treasured by her sister Cassandra until her death.

They are beautiful, and heartfelt, and remind us that Jane embraced the Christian faith and was a deeply religious person that believed in God.

On a Sunday night in 1808 Jane refers to evening prayers in a letter to Cassandra, ‘In the evening we had the Psalms and Lessons, and a sermon at home.’ And in Mansfield Park, Fanny Price talks of morning and evening prayers at Sotherton, ‘A whole family assembling regularly for the purpose of prayer is fine.’


Now you can read the prayers that Jane wrote in her beautiful neat handwriting for the first time, and find out more about the clergymen in Jane's novels and her life, and how her faith encouraged her to live a better life.

40% of every copy of Jane Austen's Prayers - Classic Edition will go to Chawton House Library where Jane spent many hours with Edward and his large family, and prayed at the church of St. Nicholas on the estate.