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The C.T. Ferguson Crime Novels: Books 1-3

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For C.T.’s first case, he wanted an easy one.

Instead, he got Alice.

C.T. Ferguson spent years as a hacker. He lived in Hong Kong and helped Americans and dissidents evade the Chinese government. Then they found him, threw him in jail, and eventually kicked him out. In Baltimore, C.T. sets himself up as a private investigator.

Then Alice walked in . . . and C.T.’s life would never be the same.

Crossing paths with budding loan sharks, gangsters, and a human trafficking ring, C.T. must use his digital and physical skills to stay one step ahead. As each case tests him in new and challenging ways, C.T. wonders if his luck will run out.

The C.T. Ferguson Crime Novels is a bundle of three mysteries from this binge-worthy series. If you like your crime thrillers served with wry humor and a jolt of cyber suspense, you’ll want to stay up late reading this box set.
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