How to be an Effective Leader

by Lee Candy

The Flexible Leader by Lee Candy is a practical, hands-on guide for anyone whose job involves leading people, showing them how to get the most from their team or particular individuals. It emphasises the importance of flexibility in leadership, and in particular of adopting an appropriate leadership style for (a) the nature of the task and (b) the people who have the job of completing it.Leadership is a key skill in business, and yet many managers and supervisors have had no training in leadership and have little idea how best to approach it.

The Flexible Leader should greatly boost their competence and performance, resulting in better outcomes for their team and the organization as a whole.

The Flexible Leader is concise and readable, with plenty of charts and checklists. There are also case studies, where the student can apply the lessons they have learned and see if their own solutions correspond with those of the author. At the end there are "Flash Guides" to key points, which students can print out and use for quick reference in future.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file.

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