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Brat's Milk: 5 Story Bundle


“Come over here and sit on Daddy’s lap!” Daddy roars at me from the dining room. 

I’m sliding out a plate from the shelf for Daddy’s dinner. 

He’s so impatient, and I know why. He wants me to sit this little bottom on that big dick of his. 

I put the plate down on the kitchen counter and walk out in the dining room. 

I sit down on Daddy’s lap, and he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me against him—while his cock stiffens in between thighs. I ruin my panties, pushing my pussy against his thickness. 

“Fine, you won’t be eating tonight,” I say, giggling. 

“Hmm, that’s what you think,” Daddy says. 

“Should we go upstairs to fuck?” I ask him. 

“No, not tonight,” Daddy says. “Tonight, we’re going outside to the shed.”

“The shed?” I ask. “You know I’m scared of that place. Especially at night.”

“Daddy will protect you, baby girl. Don’t worry,” Daddy tells me. 

But I’m still nervous. I don’t know what it is about that place, but anytime I go by there, I legit have a nightmare later that same night. 

“Come on, baby girl. You know, Daddy doesn’t like to repeat himself,” Daddy says. 

His tone turns stern. Daddy only talks to me like this when he’s very serious, so, whether I’m afraid or not, I know that this is happening. 

* * *

We walk outside into the blue shadows of the garden under the setting sun. It doesn’t take us long before we’ve reached the shed. Gosh, it’s so ugly and out of place. 

“Stop shaking, baby,” Daddy says, squeezing my hand. 

“B-But, I’m nervous,” I whisper, my voice barely audible. 

I look up and find a little bit of comfort in Daddy’s dark blue eyes. To help me feel better, he pulls me against his chest in his massive arms, tanned from our recent trip to the British Virgin Islands. 

Daddy pulls a rusty, old key out of his pocket and puts it into the lock. 

“W-Wait, you told me that this door never opens,” I say. 

“That’s because you weren’t ready to inside it, Princess,” Daddy tells me. “But now I think you are.”

Daddy turns the key, and the door to the shed slowly opens. Daddy takes my hand, and we walk into the darkness together. 

I feel the jagged floor press painfully against my feet as I wait for Daddy to turn the light on. But, as time passes, and the single room of the shed remains unlit, it finally occurs to me. There isn’t going to be any light. 

Daddy takes down my pink skirt. Or, I truly hope it’s Daddy’s hands doing that. 

I hear the swish of it falling to the floor and cover my hands over my pussy in reaction. Of course, I would never deny Daddy. But, I just feel so nervous right now. And scared. I feel like I should protect myself. 

I feel the heat of Daddy’s caramel-scented breath drip over me. He unbuttons my blouse and throws it somewhere in the shed. Then, he pops off my pink bra, revealing my enormous breasts. 

“Daddy, you know I don’t like it when you take off my bra,” I say. “Remember, you said that I could keep it on during sex?”

“Why, Princess? They’re amazing,” I hear Daddy say. 

“They’re too big,” I say. “I hate—”

“Don’t, baby girl,” Daddy warns. “Don’t say what you’re about to say. I promise you that after tonight, you’ll never feel the way you do right now ever again. 

“W-What do you mean?” I ask him. 

Several minutes pass. Nothing. Dead silence. 

“Why aren’t you answering me?!” I scream at him. 

I begin to cry, expecting Daddy to comfort me, but he doesn’t. 

My face feels hot. My body won’t stop shaking. 

“You know that Dad is a man of few words,” I hear another man’s voice say. 

The door to the shed opens, and, for a brief moment, before it closes again, I see who just entered…my stepbrother, Harry. 

“Harry?!” I ask. “W-What are you doing here?” 

“What do you think?” He asks back. “Looking for you.”

“Me? Why?” I ask back. 

“Shh, Sis,” Jason says. “Let Dad and I do what we do.”

And what is it that you do? I want to ask them, but I know they’ll just ignore me. I’m seeing a different side to them. And I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. 

Then, I feel one of their mouths latch onto my nipple. 

“D-Daddy is that you?!” I shout, shocked by how fast this is all happening.

 Then, I feel the other’s mouth on my other nipple. A hand palms the underside of my right breast and squeezes it sharply, making me whimper. 

“Oh, God, oh, fuck!” I shout. 

How can I be this nervous and excited at the same time? 

Pleasure courses through my body, reaching down to the tight place between my thighs. Are they going to fuck me at the same time? No, at least, that’s not all of whatever this is about. 

It has something to do with my breasts…Oh My God…

Both of their mouths bite onto my stiff nipples. I wrap my hands around their heads. They slurp and bite and drink my creamy milk like it’s their reason for living. 

“Stop shaking, Lissette. You’re acting like you’re having a panic attack!” Harry growls. 

By the direction of his voice, I identify my stepbrother as the one suckling my right breast. I should have known by how rough and greedy he’s attacking my titty compared to Daddy. 

“Stop yelling at me, dick. It hurts!” I shout back at my brother.

“Admit it, baby girl. You love being milked,” Daddy says. 

“By you, not Harry,” I say. 

“Liar…” my brother says. 

“Don’t be so hard on him, Princess. Your brother is so hungry. Feed him like a good little stepsister.”

Daddy is right, I love being milked. I love it so fucking much…the chance to finally put these big boobs of mine to good use. Feeding my hungry men. Being used by them. It feels incredible. 

I feel someone’s thick, long tongue slide up my folds. I think it’s Daddy. It thrusts up inside my channel. It’s wide, and when it presses against my pussy walls, I whimper, and my body shakes uncontrollably. 

“Now, move back, Harry,” I hear Daddy’s voice boom. “I want someone one-on-one time with my baby girl.”

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