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Esoteric Alchemy, Transmutation of Consciousness

It's important to note that every individual, in his own personal life can be an alchemist. He can be a worker with the divine chemistries of living. He can work with the chemistry of adjustments pertaining to society. He can work in disciplining his own nature. He can develop integrities and kindliness and gradually transmute his life from a self-centered effort of personal success into a soul-centered effort to serve the great cause of life. As these changes take place within himself, he will find that he is gradually being transmuted. He is being changed from a mortal creature to a divine being. This was always there, always within him, but which was lost by the limitations of we could term natal ignorance. The ignorance of experiencing new kind of growing. A world where we must develop our own potentials that allow us to learn. One way or another, by the problems of life will ultimately to dedicate its self to the selfless search of that which it needs to know. If we put all these things together and work them out, I think we will be great alchemists, achieved mystics, loyal keepers of all inalienable rights and great participants of the cosmic principles that govern our world. 

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