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Clever Keto Dieting Ebook and Checklist

You’ve probably heard the phrase a lot but have no idea what it means.

Your friends are all talking about it. Chances are, someone on your Facebook feed has posted a picture of some dramatic weight loss, giving credit to something called a ‘keto diet.’ But what is it?

The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein diet designed to create a state of ketosis within the body as a means of losing weight. This probably didn’t clarify things very much so let’s go through this a little slower.

Bodies run on fuel. Usually, that fuel is found in blood sugar or glucose which comes from the food we put into our mouths? But the body can also run an alternative fuel called ‘ketones.’ Ketones are made in the liver, from fat.

The Ketogenic Diet then is a method by which we convince the body to switch gears – that instead of running the body on blood glucose, instead, it works off the fat stores, turning them into ketones which then do the job of running the body instead.

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