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This Course Will Improve Every Area Of Your Life

Are you experiencing repeated setbacks in your career, relationships or any other area of your life?


Are you prone to strong negative emotions like anxiety, anger etc.,?


Are you feeling that you are stuck no matter what you try?


The reason for these problems is the patterns that are running your life without your conscious awareness. Why I am saying ‘without your conscious awareness’ is that these patterns are in your unconscious mind and these were set during the first 6 years of your life or were passed down from your parents and grandparents.


Because of this, everything you have tried so far may not be yielding optimal results for you. For the same reason, popular self improvement approaches like positive thinking, using will power, law of attraction, the secret, creative visualization and repeating affirmations don’t work as well as you want them to. Think of it this way. Suppose there is mud in a glass of water. No matter what you add externally, the water won’t get purified. You have to employ a mechanism that gets the mud out of the water to make the water pure.


All your unconscious failure patterns are held together by a storehouse of negative emotions like fear, anger, shame etc., Suppose there is a lot of suppressed anger in your unconscious mind. This anger actually wants to get out of your body-mind system by bringing you circumstances that actually make you feel very angry. Maybe you will encounter bosses who insult you no matter how right you are, thereby making you very angry. Suppose you want to avoid this boss and shift to another company. Unfortunately you will encounter exactly the same kind of boss who will trigger extreme anger in you. So until and unless, you release this anger from your unconscious mind, you will keep attracting bosses or friends or spouses who will make you very angry with their behavior.


The same logic applies to other negative emotions like fear,shame etc., All your failure patterns attract situations that make you feel one of the fundamental negative emotions. I know all this looks extremely scary to know that you can’t do anything logically with your conscious mind to escape these negative situations. I have been in the same boat for more than 10 years, repeating these failure patterns and trying to solve things logically with my conscious mind. I tried a zillion self improvement approaches and nothing actually helped. But there is hope. With the practices that I am going to teach you in this course, it is not very difficult to heal all the unconscious patterns and negative emotions that are sabotaging your success in any area of your life.


I have been personally sharing these practices with my students over the last 5 years and they are making tremendous improvements in all the areas of their lives. But one thing I want to stress here is that you have to actually implement the practices everyday and only then will you see positive results. No amount of reading or analyzing whether they actually work will make any difference to you. But if you practice them as explained in the course, you will be astounded by the results. All the best.


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