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Emily & Ryan's Story

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Secrets in Oak Creek

Before inheriting her aunt’s house (and giant dog), Emily would’ve said nothing crazy ever happened in small towns. It takes being intentionally run off the road to realizing just how wrong she’d been. If not for the kind—and dangerously sexy—good Samaritan who came to her aid, she wasn’t sure what would’ve happened. Now all she has to do is figure out who might want her dead—and why.

Beneath the Surface 

Ryan Collins is ready for more. A more fulfilling career, a more permanent connection to his soul mate, a future brighter than his troubled past. But something is holding him back—and it’s not just that he’s the star witness in a court case against dangerous criminals. With so much change coming his way, and so many emotional scars to overcome, is he as ready for a happily ever after with Emily as he thought he was?

There’s a dark side to idyllic Oak Creek. Secrets long buried are about to surface, and danger is closer than anyone realized. In fact, if they aren’t careful, Emily and Ryan could lose a lot more than their hearts in this investigation…

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