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Brand New eBook from Lexi Tavares!

Download this 39-page free ebook today to learn how to feel great & release weight in the quickest, easiest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way...

Stop wasting time, and start living the life of your dreams.

What this book will teach you:

How to start releasing excess, unwanted weight no matter what your age and despite your previous failed weight loss attempts. It is a comprehensive and high-level guide suitable for both beginners and advanced.

The Most 5 Important Topics Covered in this Book:

  • How to select the right eating program
  • How to create a fitness plan for yourself
  • How to have fun while on a weight release or wellness journey
  • How to avoid getting distracted and "falling off the wagon"
  • My top three secret ingredients that are the keys to real weight release success 🔐 

"Lexi Tavares is like the Tony Robbins of Weight Release" -Courtney UnCooked


About the Author

Hi! I'm Lexi Tavares, the founder and CEO of Healthy Dynamic Life, and I help women get a smoking, hot body and live a healthy, dynamic life.

In 2019, I was sick and tired of being sick, tired, and overweight.

Before then, I had made conscious efforts to lose weight but was unsuccessful and seemingly stuck in a downward spiral of binging, restricting, complaining, crying, and giving up.

One day, I finally woke up from this nightmare, took responsibility for my life, attracted the resources and knowledge that I needed, and aligned myself with who I wanted to be. 

By using the tools in this book, I was able to release 30 pounds in 30 days and 70 pounds overall in less than three months time.

I vowed to help others who want to achieve a comfortable body weight so that they can live up to their fullest potential and manifest their life's purpose.

Now, I serve as an expert weight release mentor, teacher, and coach. 

What Others are Saying About This Book

"I've read your ebook and I actually used it as a guide. It was really inspiring and helpful. I could relate to so much of what you wrote and that's when the lightbulb went off for me... I was so proud for you and just thought to myself, why not me!? I enjoyed your book very much!" -Whitney Morse

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