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The Book of Natural Medicine from the Sunnah (epub)

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Throughout the history of humankind, man has been searching for cures for his many ailments. No doubt, many of our modern ailments are brought about by a libertine lifestyle, coupled with a lack of faith and weakness of belief in our Creator.

The Prophet Muhammad (S) was sent as a guide, and mercy for all of humankind, and as such was given wisdom by Allah that is beneficial to humanity. The medicine of the Prophet (S) is not restricted to spiritual healing alone. In fact, it balances the healing of the soul and the physical body in order to prepare man for a better life in the Hereafter.

The Prophets deliver remedies that cure the heart from whatever afflicts it. These Prophetic remedies strengthen the heart and increase the reliance and dependence on Allah. They also also aid in seeking refuge, being humble and showing meekness before Him, begging Him, giving charity and supplicating to Him. It includes repenting to Allah, seeking His forgiveness, practicing kindness towards His creation and aiding those in desperate need and those who have suffered a calamity. These cures have been tried by various nations who have found them to carry the cure that doctors can never prescribe on their own, whether by experimentation or scientific observations.

Prophetic cures are found to be more powerful than any type of regular medicine. The hearts that are connected with the Lord of the Worlds - the Creator of the illness and its cure and He Who governs the affairs of everything and everyone -require special types of remedies that are nothing like those required for the hearts that are far away from their Lord. Besides, whenever the soul and the heart become stronger (spiritually), they will cooperate to defeat the illness.

We are privileged to present this book, Natural Medicine from the Sunnah, based on an extracted work of Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, to the readers in order to provide them with information, knowledge and wisdom in dealing with the numerous ailments that afflict us.

Contents of the Book:

01. Curing Fever
02. Curing Diarrhea
03. Concerning a Plague-Infested Area
04. Remedy for Dropsy
05. Treating Wounds and Cuts
06. Using Honey, Cupping and Cauterizing as Remedies
07. Cupping
08. Regarding Cauterization and Puncturing of the Veins
09. Treating Epilepsy and Spiritual Possession
10. Curing Sciatica
11. Treating Constipation
12. Treating Skin Rashes and Scabies caused by Mites
13. Treating Pleurisy
14. Treating Headaches and Migraines
15. Concerning those who are Sick
16. Treating Tonsillitis and Administering the Medication Orally
17. Treating Diseases of the Heart
18. Neutralizing the Harm of Various Foods and Fruits
19. Observing Preventive Measures as part of the Cure
20. Treating Conjunctivitis
21. Treating Narcolepsy
22. Food and Drink Contaminated by Flies
23. Treating Pimples
24. Treating Tumors and Abscesses with Surgery
25. Treating the Sick by Encouraging Them and Strengthening Their Resolve
26. Treating Various Illnesses with Food and Medicine the Body is Used to
27. Treating the Sick with the Simplest types of Food
28. Treating Poisoning
29. Treating Sorcery
30. Vomiting as a Remedy
31. Seeking the Best Doctors
32. Requiring Compensation from those Unqualified to Practice Medicine
33. Preventing Contagious Diseases and Enforcing Quarantine
34. Prohibiting Using what Allah has Forbidden for Medicinal Purposes
35. Treating and Removing Lice from the Head
36. Treating those Touched by the Evil Eye
37. Treating Sorcery
38. Treating Sickness in General with Islamic Prayer Formulas
39. Treating One Bitten by an Animal by reciting Al-Fatihah
40. Treating Scorpion Stings
41. Treating the Namlah (Sore)
42. Treating the Snake's Bite
43. Treating an Ulcer and Various Wounds
44. Treating Pain in General with Islamic Prayer Formulas
45. Treating Shock obtained from Disasters and Calamities
46. Treating Sadness, Grief and Depression
47. Curing Fear and Insomnia
48. Treating Burns
49. Staying Healthy
50. The Proper Way to Sit while Eating
51. Regarding Certain Combinations of Food
52. Regarding Beverages
53. Regarding Clothes
54. Concerning One's Place of Residence
55. Concerning Sleep
56. Concerning Waking and Physical Activity
57. Concerning Sexual Activity
58. Treating Passion
59. Preserving Health with Perfume
60. Preserving the Health of the Eyes
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